Equine Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy is a well established method of improving performance and promoting recovery in both competition and pleasure horses. 


The horse’s back was never designed to carry the weight of a rider above the spine and rather it was designed to carry the heavy gut below. It is therefore not surprising that there is such a large number of ridden horses with bad backs. This can be overcome by improving core stability through ground work and baited stretches and by addressing any imbalances as they arise.


Through palpation and gait analysis a physiotherapist can identify musculoskeletal imbalances and address them through the use of manual therapy, electrotherapy and remedial exercise prescription. The imbalances are easily missed when you see your horse on a daily basis and it is therefore advisable to schedule a physiotherapy assessment at least every six months, depending on level of work. This enables musculoskeletal imbalances to be quickly identified and treated before the primary condition and any compensatory issues advance. Performance can consequently be optimised and athletic careers prolonged. 


Acute injury can also benefit from physiotherapeutic intervention to optimise and accelerate healing and quickly return the horse to full function. Conditions that can be managed with physiotherapy include; osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament injurymuscle strains and sprains, back pain, fractures, wounds, post-operative rehabilitation and lameness. See my Services page or contact me to find out more.